About Us

In 1987, Ace was founded as Ace Software Pty Ltd, and quickly grew to also be a supplier of computer hardware, software, design and installation of multi-user computer systems.

In 1995, the internet wave was forming, and Ace saw the potential. Renamed as Ace Internet Services Pty Ltd, we had the courage to embrace the technology and bring it to our community.

We have been successful with a loyal and satisfied customer base, originally providing dial-up connectivity to the local area, and now diversified with these offerings:

  • AirStream — high speed fixed wireless without a phone line in the Southern Highlands of NSW
  • NBN – National Broadband Network packages to support both internet and phone services across NSW
  • Voice — VoIP solutions for home and business
  • Web Hosting — business presence online
  • Cloud Hosting — break free from the server closet

Ace caters for all facets of your web presence and IT requirements. Our team has the technical skills to be able to formulate the most effective solution for you. We take pride in building a relationship with our customers, and we want to see your business achieve great things. Product sales are supported by skilled technicians, trained to install and support Microsoft, Cisco, MikroTik, Ubiquiti, and Linux networking solutions. Many business applications are supported, and we are also an accredited Attaché consultant.

Our reputation for supporting customers comes from the continuous efforts in making theirs the best IT experience possible. Whether you are a home user, business or government client, a great experience is what we guarantee.

The principles of reliability, availability and service are the foundation stones on which Ace has been built.