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Broadband ADSL

Ace has a range of competitively priced Broadband ADSL plans from Startup to Turbo speed with tons of data allowance. Now you control your Broadband costs with capped prices and have the ability to Pump Up your data when needed!

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When comparing Broadband products with Ace Broadband, it's important to look beyond the simple monthly charges. The excess data traffic charges can deliver the real bite so keep in mind; every e-mail you receive, every attachment you download, every web page you look at, every chat session, virus update and every software product, movie or song you download consists of data traffic.

Why choose Ace? Capped prices, reliability, availability and service.


Plan Peak
Broadband Light - low use budget spend $44.00 $49.95 $643.40
Broadband Family Service $44.00 $64.95 $823.40
Broadband Large *new terms apply to the above services, contact office for details* $44.00 $79.95 $1,003.40

* The Contract Cost includes Setup Cost + 12 monthly payments. Speeds are indicative of maximum throughput and can be affected by environmental factors and internet congestion beyond our network. Additional costs not included in the Contract Cost may be the cost of a modem/router if customer does not already have one, additional data purchased (i.e. pump-ups), or technical services.

Unit Price

The unit price is the cost per gigabyte over the entire contract period. This is useful for comparing the value for money between plans.

Plan Name Included Data Cost of using 1 GB included in allowance in 12 month contract
Blazing 1500/256 100 GB (50 GB Peak / 50 GB Off-peak) $0.78/GB
Turbo ADSL2+ 200 GB (100 GB Peak / 100 GB Off-peak) $0.49/GB

The above was calculated by taking the minimum charge for the entire term across the 12 month contract, and dividing it by the total number of included gigabytes across the term.

Critical Information Summaries

To make it easier to interpret our plans, we have provided a Critical Information Summary (PDF format) for our current ADSL plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ADSL?

ADSL is a type of broadband or fast connection to the Internet. The connection is made over standard copper phone lines. ADSL connections can be left running on a permanent basis (unlike dial-up), which is very attractive feature if you need to see your e-mail as it arrives. You can also be on the internet and on the phone at the same time.

What are the requirements?

Your phone line needs to be connected to an ADSL-enabled telephone exchange and you need to be within about 4km of the exchange as the service speeds rapidly degrade after that distance. At the time of writing pair-gained telephone lines are unable to support ADSL. There is no guarantee that ADSL can be installed at every location, but if you contact our office, we can give an indication as to whether ADSL is likely to be available to you.

How long does it take to get ADSL?

ADSL is subject to availability tests as discussed above but providing your telephone line and setup meets the minimum requirements you can have ADSL installed within around 7 working days.

How do I order ADSL?

You can sign up online using the handy button at the top of this page, and fill out the form. If you have any signup questions, please contact our friendly staff.

How is ADSL installed?

When you sign up, we instruct Telstra to set up ADSL for your line at the telephone exchange. An ADSL modem then needs to be configured and connected to your computer and your ADSL-provisioned phone line. Ace can send a technician onsite to install the ADSL if you need any help.

What is an ADSL Line Splitter?

With ADSL you can continue to use the same phone line for voice calls with the aid of an ADSL line splitter. You can have up to three splitters on three phones. Special installation is required from Telstra if there are more than three phones on the line. Splitters for wall phones require special installation and we can put you in touch with a Telstra approved technician for that kind of work.

What are the ADSL charges?

ADSL is charged for monthly availability and for data transfer. Our latest plans have "pump-up" functionality, where the speed is slowed if you exceed the transfer limit, but you have the option of topping up your quota by purchasing a "pump-up". Each plan has a specific data transfer limit applied — refer to your plan's quota.

What is the "data allowance"?

Every time you look at a web page, collect or send e-mail, update your virus signatures, fetch an mp3 file or indulge in a chat session you are producing data traffic. The traffic that comes to your computer is the download data and traffic leaving your computer is the upload data. The majority of your traffic consists of download data. The Data Allowance is the amount of data measured in Megabytes that can be downloaded and uploaded at no further cost. Downloads that exceed the allowance are either shaped to a slower speed, or charged excess rates depending on your plan. Pump-up users can purchase more data on Account Manager to speed their connection back up.

What is peak/offpeak, and what times do they apply?

Some of our plans use peak/offpeak quota. If you make a download between 6 AM and 8 PM, you will be using your "peak" quota. Likewise, if you make a download between 8 PM and 6 AM, you will be using your "offpeak" quota. If either is exceeded, you connection is slowed ("shaped") but you can purchase a pump-up from our Account Manager to top up the quota.

We would encourage our customers to select a plan large enough for their needs. If you need any help choosing a plan, you can ask one of our staff for assistance.

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