New Ransomware Threat

Warning: A new ransomware outbreak has been discovered. It is currently thought to be a variant of ransomware called “Petya” which spreads via Windows network ports.

The ransomware attacks vulnerabilities in Windows that have already been patched by Microsoft. Our continuing recommendation is to ensure all machines are up to date with patches and that AntiVirus software is running and up to date.

WannaCrypt – New widespread malware

A new malware called WannaCrypt has so far infected 200,000 victims across 150 countries, it’s not only infecting computer, it’s also spreading to other computers and encrypting all of user files and demanding a ransom be paid to unlock them.

What you can do about this is ensure your computer is updated to the latest patches available through Windows updates. For our Sophos users, also ensure your Sophos is updated by hovering over the icon in the taskbar of your computer, the bottom right as show in the image below.


If you’re not using our Sophos AV product, contact your vendor for advise.

If you don’t have an antivirus product installed or are unsure, feel free to get in contact with us at

02-4861-8888 or shoot us an email at

If you’d like more information regarding this infection, here is a news article reporting on it:

Be scam aware

When is comes to protecting your business awareness is key.

How to keep ahead of the fraudsters is a subject that occupies the minds of many IT and government professionals, but at the end of the day, it’s the businesses themselves that need to take action and stay vigilant.

Knowing the latest scams is half the battle, so here’s our list of ones we think should be on your ‘watch out’ list. Be-scam-aware

What would you do if you lost your Phone and Internet connection?

It’s easy to forget that technology can go wrong.

But, as this recent photo of an NBN Node in Bowral shows, technology is not infallible. The question is, ‘what would you do if you or your business was reliant on this Node?’

Underwater Node

At Ace we can help protect your business with a Fusion Broadband box. Our new partnership with Fusion Broadband allows us to provide you with a back-up or failover solution, so that if something does go wrong, you stay online and connected.

Talk to us about how we can help protect your business.

The NBN is just days away for parts of the Highlands

When can you expect the NBN to arrive in your area?

The NBN has just released its latest dates for switching on the NBN across the Southern Highlands.

Up first is Bundanoon, South Mittagong and Welby on the 24th June. Followed shortly afterward by Moss Vale, Berrima and Burradoo on the 30th June.

Bowral can expect to be able to join the NBN from the 8th July and East Bowral the 26th Aug.

Of course this is just a sample of dates. If you want to be kept in the loop, register your interest, or follow us on Facebook.


NBN breakfast seminars – come and join us.

Want to know more about the NBN?

We are holding a Business Breakfast to help businesses in the Southern Highlands understand the implications of NBN for their business, how to prepare and how to manage the transition with minimal disruption.

The breakfast will commence at 8am on the 28th June at Mittagong RSL.

If you would like to join us please register here. Spaces are limited, so get in early.

NBN survey results

Thank you to all of you who filled in our NBN survey, we have been delighted by the response.


We thought we’d share with you some of the results. So, did you know that the old phone and internet system will be turned off? Did you know you’ll need a new modem? If not then you’re not alone.

The survey showed that 62% of home owners didn’t know the old system would be turned off. Now, while that won’t happen immediately, the Government has indicated it will happen about 18 months after the NBN has been implemented in an area. So people need to take action, they won’t automatically be migrated to the new system, they have to proactively choose a new provider.

Southern Highlanders are however keen to take action. 73% of businesses and 55% of home owners want to be able to pre-register and have their new modem set up, ready for the NBN to arrive, so they can take advantage of it as soon as possible.

If you’d like to join them, you can apply for NBN here, and they’ll get you connected as soon as possible.

100 NBN modems arrived today!

The team are excited today with the arrival of 100 NBN modems.

These are our very first NBN modems. If you want one you’ll have to be quick, as we’ve already had 60 people tell us they want one installed before the NBN even arrives. To get a brand new VDSL modem installed in your home or business simply complete an application form below, and we can set one up ahead of the NBN arriving. When the NBN arrives in your area you’ll be ready to go, and we’ll just switch you over.

Allen with 100 modems

Application Form

NBN arrives in the Southern Highlands

Many of you will have seen the NBN Technicians working in Bowral and other parts of the Southern Highlands, installing the NBN network for the Wingecarribee region.

Unfortunately the network won’t extend to everyone, but you can check availability at your address at The NBN solution for the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas is a fixed wireless solution, which could offer download speeds of up to 25 megabits per second and upload speeds of 5 megabits per second.

At Ace we can offer a range of Ace NBN broadband services, and many complimentary services, ensuring that you get the right technology and support for your business or household.

To keep up to date with the progress of NBN, register your interest , and we’ll let you know when you can sign up to Ace NBN broadband services.