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New Ransomware Threat

Warning: A new ransomware outbreak has been discovered. It is currently thought to be a variant of ransomware called “Petya” which spreads via Windows network ports.

The ransomware attacks vulnerabilities in Windows that have already been patched by Microsoft. Our continuing recommendation is to ensure all machines are up to date with patches and that AntiVirus software is running and up to date.

WannaCrypt – New widespread malware

A new malware called WannaCrypt has so far infected 200,000 victims across 150 countries, it’s not only infecting computer, it’s also spreading to other computers and encrypting all of user files and demanding a ransom be paid to unlock them.

What you can do about this is ensure your computer is updated to the latest patches available through Windows updates. For our Sophos users, also ensure your Sophos is updated by hovering over the icon in the taskbar of your computer, the bottom right as show in the image below.


If you’re not using our Sophos AV product, contact your vendor for advise.

If you don’t have an antivirus product installed or are unsure, feel free to get in contact with us at

02-4861-8888 or shoot us an email at

If you’d like more information regarding this infection, here is a news article reporting on it:

Right in time for Christmas- More Data for Less Spend!

New TopUp Prices

We’re pleased to announce our new price changes to our AirStream customer TopUps, we’re now offering more data for less spend. As school holidays are beginning to start and people are getting time off work for the Christmas period, usage of internet data is at an all time high. And now it’s even cheaper to keep the whole family entertained for longer.

TopUp SizePrice

A Great Christmas Gift to Picton’s Industrial Area

Welcome to Picton’s Industrial Area!

Not being on the NBN’s near-future Rollout plans can be hard on any company trying to compete in the modern marketplace. Using technology and systems developed in-house by Ace Internet, we were able to tap into one of our nearby NBN connections and deliver it to an area not scheduled for NBN in the near-future using our real world, well established AirStream technology.

This is why we’re very pleased to be given the opportunity of being able to get companies in Picton’s Industrial Area onto the broadband fastlane!