Web Hosting

Ace Internet Services provides high quality Australian hosting on top quality equipment serviced by highly skilled local staff.


Each site runs on a multiple independent servers simultaneously. If anything were to happen to one server another server automatically takes over with no disruption to your website. Your site is backed up daily to two independent locations and taken off site to a third storage location at regular intervals.

Your site is hosted by the best equipment money can buy. IBM Blade servers with Xeon CPUs, plentiful RAM, and 15k SAS SAN storage. Fast and reliable.


Our main link to the internet is 100 Mbit/s with ping times to Google Australia of 5-7 milliseconds, which is great for your site’s indexing score.

Unlike many cheaper competitors, we actually host in Australia, so your site is fast to load for Australians which is where your customers are!


When you call Ace you are answered by a human, not a machine. If you would rather come in and talk about it, we have an office in Bowral — you’re welcome to come in.

We find that customers with multiple suppliers lose a lot of time ringing around all of those providers trying to find who is responsible when something goes wrong, with each one passing them on saying it’s not a problem with their service.

To discuss which solution is best for you, contact us today.

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Hosting Type Domain Name
High Usage
Per Quarter $82.50 $115.50 $247.50 $577.50
Per Annum* $275.00 $385.00 $825.00 (not available)

* Annual payment provides a discount of two months. Get 12 months for the price of 10!

Website Hosting
Disk Storage 1 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Data Transfer per month 10 GB 20 GB 50 GB
Web Sites/Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Australian hosted Yes Yes Yes Yes
Detailed Web Stats Yes Yes Yes
Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web-based Email Yes Yes Yes
Web Extensions
cPanel Interface Yes Yes Yes
PHP Support Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Database Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous FTP Server Yes Yes
Std Shopping Cart POA POA
SSL Secure Server Yes Yes

$99 once off setup fee applicable. Domain registrations are $199 for two years (including .com.au!).

All prices include GST. For more information please call or e-mail us. Enterprise / larger plans available on request.

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Run your own mail server? Check out our Sentry spam filtering service.

Content Guidelines

Below are your legal obligations as a content provider and what you can do as an end user if you encounter content which you feel is illegal in Australia. It also contains some tips for helping kids to get the most out of the Internet.

Content Provider

As a content provider the responsibility to both provide lawful content and to remove unlawful content rests with you.

End User

As an end user, if you see content which is illegal in Australia and hosted in Australia* you can report this to the ACMA (Australia Communications and Media Authority) using a form on their website.

* ACMA cannot enforce Australia’s content laws overseas, nor can providers practically take action to block such content.


If you’re looking for ways to filter what your children can view when they’re on the internet, you could try using some filter software. This generally costs money and is not a foolproof system.

Filter systems always let content through that they are designed to block, and/or block content which they shouldn’t. However they are an option.