NBN Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of NBN?

For many parts of the Wingecarribee region the Government’s NBN will provide faster internet. This can bring lots of benefits for businesses and householders, such as being able to work from home, increased efficiencies and time saving solutions through services such as video conferencing, and of course faster video streaming, great for both gamers and businesses who want to bring their business to life online.

The NBN is hoped to boost rural businesses across the country, making it easier for people in remote and rural locations to run their businesses and trade online.

What are the issues with NBN?

Some people have expressed concerns about the Government’s NBN network, these vary from the cost of the network, the time it has taken to install it, and in some areas the speeds have not lived up to people’s expectations.

There are a number of factors that could influence the speed and reliability of the service you receive.

Firstly, the speed you receive via NBN depends on the way in which the service is delivered to your premises, the network being installed in the Southern Highlands is a VDSL network, or fibre to the node.

The package you pay for i.e. how much capacity you buy of course has an effect, if slow speeds are a concern then we would recommend going for a higher capacity in the short term, to prevent being affected by teething issues.

Of course the speed you receive will also depend on how much data you are using, for example, if you are used to having a fixed phone line with a separate internet connection, these services will now be sharing the same connection, and this may affect the reliability and speed of these services.

Finally, your choice of supplier can have an effect, while every supplier is using the same NBN network to deliver their service, the service they can deliver will depend on the capacity the service provider has purchased and the degree to which they monitor and manage this on behalf of their clients. At Ace, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service and believe this differentiates us from our competitors, who tend to be large organisations with many customers to manage.

Will my medical alarm work?

For most people in the Southern Highlands their connection to the NBN will be FTTN (Fibre to the Node), a consequence of this is that should you lose power you will also lose your phone line, we therefore recommend moving to a medical alarm service that does not rely on your phone line, such as a GPS/ mobile based service. Please contact your medical alarm provider, many of them will provide a new alarm for you.

Will my security alarm work?

As with the medical alarms, should you lose power you will also lose your phone line, we therefore recommend moving to a security alarm service that does not rely on your phone line, such as a GPS/ mobile based service. Please contact your security alarm provider to find an appropriate solution.

Do I have to move to NBN?

The NBN network will replace:

  • Home/Landline phone services from all companies, where the service is provided over Telstra’s copper phone lines
  • All ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL 2+ internet services
  • Telstra and Optus cable internet and cable phone services

However, there are other ways of providing data to your business or home. Ace offers a range of broadband connections, including our premier service Airstream which is available across much of the Southern Highlands.

If phone connections and/or internet services are critical to your business, then a combination of NBN and another Ace Broadband connection could be the solution to ensuring your business remains connected at all times.

The Government has indicated that the old services will be turned off 18 months after NBN is made available.

What is included with an NBN connection?

The NBN service includes data connectivity to your premises and a modem. Any equipment within your premises is your own responsibility.

You can connect the new modem to any phone socket in your house, just as you do with ADSL. For the best performance don’t connect anything else to the outlets.

However, Ace offers a wide range of services, and we can ensure that your equipment is compatible and manage the process from end to end for you.

When can I move to NBN?

As NBN is rolled out across the Southern Highlands connections will become available. You can check progress at nbnco.com.au. You can also register for updates with Ace, and we’ll let you know when you can connect to an Ace NBN broadband service.

Why choose an Ace NBN broadband service?

You might think that all NBN services are the same, that it’s simply a case of finding the best price, but it’s not quite that simple. There are a number of different factors that could affect your experience of the NBN, it could be that your phone equipment needs updating before you can connect to the NBN. Whatever your specific needs are, by coming to a provider that can offer more than just a simple NBN connection, you know that you won’t be left to pick up the pieces, you can purchase an end-to-end managed services.

Furthermore, by choosing a local company with local engineers, you know the people you are talking to are just round the corner. No overseas call centres, or engineers that need a packed lunch just to get to you. We pride ourselves in providing straight forward and honest local service for the local community.

How do I move to Ace NBN broadband?

For most people moving to the NBN will be a fairly simple process. There are always exceptions to the rules, but for most people the process will look like this.

NBN process

If the NBN isn’t yet at your house – Register your Interest with us and we will notify you as soon as we are able to connect you to the NBN

Depending on the options you choose on the online form, you may receive additional paperwork via email, simple fill in this paperwork and return it by email to accounts@ace.com.au.

If you have chosen to bring your number with you to the NBN network, we will arrange a suitable date for this to happen, the phone line will be unavailable for a period on this day. If you are happy to get a new number we will advise you of your new phone number.

For most customers the easiest option is to collect their pre-configured modem from our office, take it home and plug it in. If you prefer we can install it for you for $110. Either way we will call you to let you know it’s ready or arrange an appointment.

If this is the first time your property has connected to the NBN you may need an NBN technician to visit your property, if this is required we will let you know.

Will I need an NBN technician appointment?

If this is the first time your property has connected to the NBN you may need an NBN technician to visit your property, if this is required we will let you know.

The NBN will advise us of the appointment time and we will let you know, typically the appointment time will be a half-day time slot. In most cases the technician will require access to the property and therefore will require that someone is home, although this is not always the case.

There is no charge for this appointment. However, if an appointment is missed or cancelled 3 times, the NBN will close the application for service and a new application will need to be submitted in order to apply for the NBN in the future.

What if I choose the wrong plan, can I change?

We understand it’s hard to know exactly which plan will be right for you, so if you need to upgrade at any point we won’t charge you, similarly, should you need extra data at any point, you can log on to our online system at any time and order additional data top-ups.

If you wish to downgrade your plan there will be additional charges.

Can I keep my Home Phone number?

You can choose to move your Home Phone number from the existing network to the NBN. We can help you with this, we don’t charge, but there is a little bit of paperwork. If you would like to carry on using your existing number in parallel to the NBN, while your number is being ported you will need a VDSL filter / splitter. If you need one, we can supply these for $22.

Can I get Call Number Display on NBN?

CND is standard on the NBN if your phone supports this service.

Will I still have to pay Telstra line rental?

Once you have moved your phone service to the NBN, you will no longer need to pay Telstra.