NBN broadband

Australia’s new phone and internet network, the NBN, is arriving in the Southern Highlands.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the Government’s new high speed internet network, for both households and businesses. Over time the NBN network will replace the existing telecommunications network and will replace most landline phone services and internet connections^.

As the NBN network is rolled out across the Southern Highlands, NSW and the rest of the country, businesses and households can join the network through service providers such as Ace.

At Ace we offer a wide range of NBN services to household and business customers in the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas. If we can’t reach you via the NBN then we have a range of alternative solutions to do the job.

All of our NBN packages support both internet and phone services. Whether you choose to connect a phone or simply use the internet, it’s up to you. If you do connect a phone, please be aware that call charges will apply. Our call charges are listed on our VoIP page.

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Here are our Ace NBN broadband plans, all available on a 12 month contract.

NBN broadband plans

NBN broadband plan
(download/upload speeds)
Monthly DataMonthly Cost
12/1 Mbps30GB$49.95
25/5 Mbps200GB$74.95
50/20 Mbps*500GB$94.95
100/40 Mbps*1000GB$114.95

If you need a mailbox, or if you already have an existing Acenet mailbox these are available for $9.90 each per month.

Quick and easy data top ups are available online, any time you need a little extra.

The delivery method of the NBN service will depend on the technology used by the NBN network, and may be Fibre to Premises, VDSL (Fibre to Node) or NBN wireless.

Setup cost is $150 and includes a free voice enabled modem.

*Note: VDSL services guarantee a minimum 12/1 Mbps speed, many factors will determine your maximum speed.

To get ready to join NBN, simply click the button above. If NBN isn’t in your area yet don’t worry, we can either set you up ready for when it does, or simply let you know when we will be able to switch you.

Detailed information including Unit Prices is available in our Critical Information Summary – NBN.

Installation options

To meet the needs of our customers we are offering a choice of installation options:

  • Pick up your pre-configured modem from our office and installation is FREE  – and if you do get stuck our service centre can help you out, they charge $44 for 15 minutes.
  • If you require us to install your modem in your home for you and / or configure your home computer, we can do this for $110
  • If you are outside of the Southern Highlands we can post your modem to you for $25

By choosing the Southern Highlands local NBN service provider, you will benefit from our experienced and committed team of local engineers with local knowledge. There’s no overseas call centre at Ace, it’s 100% local support by local experts.



^The NBN Network in the Southern Highlands will replace:
– Home/Landline phone services from all companies, where the service is provided over Telstra’s copper phone lines
– All ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ internet services
– Telstra and Optus cable internet and cable phone services

To check availability at your specific address visit nbnco.com.au.