IPv6 Setup

IPv6 is supported by default on all new AirStream and ADSL services.

All connections are able to use IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously — this is called dual-stack. We do not use tunnels. Customers require an IPv6–compatible router in order to use IPv6.

Technical Details

  • Customers are allocated a static /56 prefix per connection
  • The PPPoE connection is dual-stack and carries both IPv4 and IPv6
  • DHCPv6-PD is used (and required) to receive the /56 prefix (activate IA_PD)
  • ICMP Router Advertisement packets are sent inside PPPoE in order to advertise a default route, however no prefix is provided for the PPP link itself (either via RA or IA_NA)
  • If you require reverse DNS, you must be prepared to operate your own nameservers and have a zone delegated to you

Supported Routers

  • NetComm NF4V
  • NetComm NB604n
  • MikroTik RouterOS v5.26 and up

Other routers may work but have not been tested and may have reliability or setup problems. At this time, Ace is not able to assist with configuring such routers.

Setup Tips

  • Enable IPv6 on your PPPoE connection
  • Enable DHCPv6-PD on your IPv6 connection
  • Disable any options relating to IA_NA or “Request IPv6 Address”
  • Enable any options relating to IA_PD or “Request Prefix Delegation”


If you have further questions regarding the service, we recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have issues with IPv6, please contact support via our standard channels. Though we will do our best to attempt to help you, we cannot guarantee a fix in all cases, especially if you are not running supported hardware. We reserve the right to recommend that you disable IPv6 if the problem cannot be solved.