VoIP is a service that allows you to make cheap phone calls anywhere around Australia or the world through your AirStream or NBN service.

Ongoing VoIP costs are significantly cheaper than a standard phone line. Phone calls are made using your broadband Internet connection and require VoIP–compatible hardware.

Why make calls over the internet?

  • Instant savings on call costs
  • No need for a landline and its monthly rental
  • You will be NBN ready

VoIP Plans

Ace offers a range of specialised VoIP services. Please contact our office for further assistance.

Call Costs

Call Type Call Cost (per minute) Flagfall
Local Calls (untimed) 14.5¢
National STD 5.5¢ 11¢
Mobiles 24.9¢ 11¢
1300/13 (untimed) 26¢
United States 4.9¢ 11¢
United Kingdom 3.9¢ 11¢
New Zealand 8.3¢ 11¢
Japan 10.1¢ 11¢
China 4.7¢ 11¢

For more international destinations you can call, see the VoIP International Rates page.

Critical Information Summary

To make it easier to understand our plans, we have provided a Critical Information Summary (PDF format) for our VoIP plans.

Important Information about Triple Zero (000)

We are required by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to advise:

Triple Zero (000) Emergency calls are NOT supported on your VoIP service. In an Emergency you should always use a standard phone service or a mobile phone to call 000.

The number you are issued with as part of the VoIP service, especially on our older plans, may not be portable. To find out if you can take it with you if you disconnect your service from us, please get in contact.


Call rates are calculated on phone numbers, not physical locations. For example, if you have a Bowral number 02 4801 0600 and you call a Sydney number 02 9240 8788 you will be charged STD rates even if you have logged into your VoIP service in Sydney. If you take your service overseas calls to that country will still be International and calls to Bowral will still be local.


What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses your broadband Internet connection to make phone calls. People use VoIP over AirStream or NBN because you don’t need a landline, the calls are often cheaper, it’s convenient, and the quality is great.

Your handset works no differently to existing phones. You don’t need to press any special numbers or do anything differently. It’s easy, and we set up VoIP by default on AirStream and NBN connections.

How is the call quality?

Excellent. The quality is on par with (if not better than) existing analogue phones. In fact, we’re so happy with VoIP that we set it up by default for AirStream and NBN users.

How does the NBN rollout affect my business phone system?

Many people are not aware that existing analogue–based PBX systems are unlikely to work when the National Broadband Network is rolled out.

In areas where the NBN will only available through wireless and satellite, the existing copper infrastructure will continue to be available for quite some time.

How is the call quality?

Excellent. Call us over your VoIP service and we can determine the quality of your connection.

My business has multiple phone lines. Can I still use VoIP?

Absolutely. Unlike the old paradigm of needing to pay large sums of line rental so you can make multiple calls, we have VoIP trunk solutions that save our larger customers vast amounts on their monthly bills.

Can I get a VoIP service at home?

Yes. We include VoIP for all AirStream and NBN customers, and the routers we supply have it built-in. Just plug an ordinary phone into the “phone” port on the back of your router, and start making calls. (If you have any trouble, just get in touch!)

Do I need a new handset at home?

No. We will provide you with a VoIP-enabled router that your existing handset plugs into.

Will my phone number change?

All new VoIP services receive a new number by default, which allows us to get you going with VoIP as soon as possible.

AirStream and NBN customers have the option of porting their landline number to VoIP, which is starting to become a popular option for many of our customers — contact us for details.

ADSL customers must retain their old landline service in order to keep their phone line active for their Internet connection and as such cannot port their number to VoIP unfortunately.

Is fax supported by VoIP?


Some customers do use fax over VoIP, but this is unreliable, and not a configuration we are willing to support.