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Ace’s premier broadband service is AirStream, which sports performance and reliability greater than typical ADSL2+ services. It is available across much of the Southern Highlands, including areas which cannot ordinarily receive a traditional ADSL broadband service.

Coverage & Availability

AirStream coverage

Please contact us for assistance with determining coverage.

AirStream is available within the following areas:

  • Bowral
  • East Bowral
  • Moss Vale
  • Burradoo (Hurlingham Ave)
  • Renwick / Diamond Fields Rd
  • Belanglo
  • Canyonleigh
  • Joadja / Mandemar (Eagle Rock)
  • Bullio

Coverage is subject to line-of-sight to one of our base stations. If line-of-sight is obstructed by trees or buildings, AirStream may not be available. Please contact us for a free signal test, so we can best determine whether you are able to receive AirStream.

Free Signal Test

Book Signal Test

Before installing AirStream at your house, we need to perform a free signal test to confirm that an AirStream signal can be received.

Simply click “Book Signal Test” above, and one of our technicians will conatct you to arrange a time to visit your location and confirm an AirStream signal. In the window that opens, fill in your details and click “Enquiry Only”.

Plans & Pricing

PlanDataSetup CostMonthly Cost*Contract Cost
Regular 6,000/512 - Home & Basic 75GB $370.00 $99.95 $2,768.80
Express 12,000/1,000 - Family, Home & Business 150GB $260.00 $129.95 $3,378.80
Express Plus 12,000/2,000 - Business & Large Family 250GB $150.00 $149.95 $3,748.80

* The Contract Cost includes Setup Cost + Router + 24 monthly payments. A standard installation is a single storey residence, additional charges may be incurred for more complex installs. Speeds are indicative of maximum throughput and can be affected by environmental factors and internet congestion beyond our network.

Important information relating to Triple Zero (000) calls made using our VoIP service is found on our VoIP plans page.

Critical Information Summary

To make it easier to interpret our plans, we have provided a Critical Information Summary (PDF format) for our current AirStream plans.

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Overall, our AirStream service has 99.9% uptime, making it a very reliable service.


AirStream is a fixed wireless service. We are also conscious of the capacity of the network when adding new customers. As a result, we try not to oversubscribe AirStream. We are continually planning and building additional capacity; monitoring the loads so the service performs consistently.

This is unlike other wireless services, which are typically based on the 3G mobile network. AirStream does not use the mobile network, which slows down or drops out in peak times.

Being fixed wireless, we use the right antenna for the job. This means that AirStream services are typically not affected by the weather. The service remains strong and clear during rain, hail, or shine.

Fast & Responsive

AirStream is a step up from both ADSL and 3G. Not only is the speed faster than typical ADSL and 3G services, but the latency is lower, making the connection more responsive. Typical latency to a Sydney–based host is 5 milliseconds on AirStream. On ADSL, this is typically 50 milliseconds or higher. On 3G, the latency is typically above 100 milliseconds even on a good day!

No Landline

AirStream does not require a telephone landline to work, unlike ADSL. If you don’t normally use your landline to make phone calls, you can save money straight away by avoiding line rental. You can also make crystal clear phone calls over AirStream using our included VoIP service that costs a fraction of the amount of a normal landline–based phone call.

Many businesses want to retain a single landline, but get rid of the multiple auxilliary lines that they used to make multiple calls, instead taking advantage of our business VoIP trunk services that work smoothly over AirStream. You can even port your phone number completely to VoIP and eliminate all your landline rentals costs!

Please note that it is not possible to make Triple Zero (000) calls over the VoIP service. You must use a standard landline, or even better, a mobile phone to make emergency calls.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve heard wireless is unreliable. Will this slow down or drop out?

No. There is virtually no downtime with AirStream. The signal is constant and independent of mobile phone networks. Subscribers to AirStream services are limited, Ace guarantees not to compromise the service quality.

Can businesses apply for AirStream?

Yes! AirStream is offered to both households and businesses. Our business customers choose Ace as their high speed internet provider as we exceed our rivals in terms of reliability and provide real savings.

Why are you limiting the number of customers?

Many people have experienced the frustration of being on a service that has been ‘oversubscribed’. The service gets congested with too many users and slows down.

At Ace we don’t believe this is fair. We pride ourselves on delivering fantastic service quality and we will not oversubscribe AirStream.

Do I need a phone line?

No. AirStream is truly wireless so it does not run through your phone line. We can supply a free VoIP phone number so you can make calls through your broadband connection. Enjoy the benefits of no land line rental and substantially reduced call costs.

What things can I do with AirStream?

AirStream’s leap in speed means you can gain a professional advantage, an edge over fellow students, even compete in online interactive games with overseas players without the usual speed disadvantage. Many online resources are not used by most Australians because of our relatively slow internet speeds compared to the rest of the world.

How about trying this:

  • Experience a geography lesson like never before with Google Earth in 3D.
  • Sink to the depths of the sea floor and learn about deep water volcanoes.
  • Scuba through a showcase of real-life ocean shipwrecks.
  • Become an expert in the trench warfare of Gallipoli.
  • Transport yourself to the Orion Nebula where hundreds of stars are forming right now.
  • Be an armchair traveller and visit Rome, Paris, New York or Tokyo.
  • Try the immersive 3D virtual reality world of Second Life.

I want it. How do I get connected?

No problem. Ace will run a signal test at no charge. Contact us now on 02 4861 8888, or click the big blue button up the top of this page, and select “Enquiry Only”.

Do I need any special equipment?

Yes. We supply a radio receiver and router, which are required to use AirStream. The provided router has 4 LAN ports, Wi-Fi, as well as two configurable VoIP accounts.  We also supply an antenna which our electrician will install on your roof (customers within 100 metres of the base station can sometimes get away with a window mounted radio that uses a suction cup). The equipment and installation are included in the above setup costs, so we’ll take care of everything you need to get started.

As far as the radio antenna goes, visually it’s about the size of a carton of eggs or a two-litre milk bottle. In other words, it’s unobstructive — indeed, smaller than your TV antenna. For customers more than about 5 km from the base station, a larger antenna which looks like a small satellite dish may be required. The best way to determine which antenna will be required is to have a signal test performed at your house.

For the Tech-Heads

How does AirStream work?

AirStream is a wireless technology developed by Ace that uses radio frequency to transmit high speed broadband to regional and remote properties across the Southern Highlands. The first AirStream service was launched in 2006 from the Oxley Hill transmission tower. We have also deployed “micro cell” base station that operate on a smaller scale within an area. Some of our base stations (such as our Joadja and Belanglo repeaters) are even completely solar powered!

Tech heads may already be familiar with setting up a router via their ADSL modem operating in bridge mode. AirStream is exactly the same, except instead of the ADSL modem, you plug into the radio receiver’s WAN Ethernet port. Other than that, it’s a bog standard connection (this is called “PPPoE” in your router config) that is very easy to set up. Our staff preconfigure all radio and router equipment, so you just plug it in and it should work with no fuss.

What is the environmental impact?

AirStream has a very low impact both visually and electromagnetically. For example, the height of the transmission antennas in East Bowral, Burradoo, and Moss Vale are approximately one metre tall. They are hidden amongst the rooftops of the suburbs, with minimum visibility. They also run on less energy than a bedside lamp.

Our Joadja and Belanglo towers are completely solar powered, and have also been designed to consume as little power as possible (being solar powered gives us a good incentive to do so!), while also keeping the visual impact to a minimum.

How secure is it?

The wireless signal from the radio receiver on your roof to our tower is protected with industry standard encryption. AirStream is as secure as any other end user internet service.